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ATP specialises in fire and gas detection and suppression, security systems and RFID tracking.


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Environmental Policy

Advanced Technology Products Pty Ltd (ATP) is committed to protecting the environment and expects its employees, suppliers and customers to co-operate with management in ensuring that all work related activities are designed and executed so as not to adversely affect the environment.

  • ATP conforms with legislation, regulations and community standards to ensure Environmental Protection.
  • The company has a record of proper administration of waste minimisation, recycling and resource utilisation.
  • The company will implement management systems to ensure efficient consumption of materials, fuels, water and energy.
  • The company’s Emergency procedure for Hazardous Substances has been developed and tested and is in place to ensure quick, effective action to prevent environmental damage in the event of an accident or spillage.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets, classified according to the criteria of the National Occupational Health & Safety Commission (NOHSC, Australia) are required for all hazardous materials.
  • The company manages hazardous materials in strict conformity with instructions contained on Material Safety Data Sheets.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets will be readily available to employees, transporters and customers.
  • Regular internal audits of procedures will be undertaken to identify, manage or eliminate environmental risks and are subject to annual review.
  • The company will endeavour to find alternatives for hazardous materials and offer to the customer an alternative product.

This policy statement, publicising our commitment to Environmental Protection, will be prominently displayed in our workplaces and will be made available to interested parties.  Our Environmental Policy is also subject to annual reviews.

Endorsed by
Devin King
Managing Director