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Water Suppression

Low Pressure Water Mist

Superior protection with a minimum water pressure of 50 psi to a maximum pressure of 175 psi. The nozzle may be oriented in any direction necessary to protect the hazard.

  • Slightly higher water quantity
  • Slightly larger diameter pipes
  • More nozzles required
  • Slightly larger water mist droplets (average 250 microns)
  • Galvanised, S/steel, copper or high-density plastic pipe

High Pressure Water Mist

The key to FOGTEC®’s firefighting effectiveness is the generation of very fine water droplets. The size of the droplets is classified as Class A in NFPA 750. This extremely small droplet size makes the FOGTEC® system highly effective and uses only small amounts of water. The key factors are the system’s ability to cool and its localised oxygen displacement effect.

Our Suppression Partners

Case Study - Project XYZ

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