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ANSUL Training Foam 3% or 6%

Training Foam Concentrate

  • Designed to be proportioned at either 3% or 6%
  • Economical fire training alternative
  • For use during TRAINING to SIMULATE AFFF
  • Provides expanded foam blanket with air aspirating devices
  • Can be used to calibrate proportioning equipment
  • Biodegradable; this product is considered to be readily biodegradable. It does not contain any fluoro chemicals or polymers that are used in firefighting foam agents.
  • Suitable for use with fresh or salt water
  • Shelf life of 10-15 years
  • Temperature range of 35 – 120 °F (1.6 – 48.8 °C)
  • Supplied ready to use in 5 gallon pail, 55 gallon drums or 265 gallon totes

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Training Foam Concentrate

Training Foam is not intended for live fire training or for actual firefighting operations. It is functional in any proportioning and generating equipment and minimizes the effects of training on the environment. In addition, the low cost of training foam over regular foam provides a cost effective alternative for training purposes. Expansion and drainage characteristics are similar to conventional 3% and 6% AFFF products.