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Extronics Instant Notifier

Instant Notifer v1.5

  • Improve communication and shorten response times
  • Instant messaging tool to notify workers of critical events
  • Intuitive and dynamic graphical display with map and alert details
  • Alert management panel includes pending and dismissed alerts
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Available for Windows devices and Apple mobile devices
  • Embedded CCTV footage(Windows only).

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Instant Notifier

Instant Notifier application provides an effective way to immediately notify users when a MobileView alert occurs.

Instant Notifier is a component of MobileView® Enterprise Visibility platform that provides visual and audible alerts on critical events for all MobileView solutions, including Asset Management, Condition Monitoring, and Worker Safety and Security applications.

The application automatically pops-up a window that displays important information about the event, including its current location on a map, status and an identifying image (such as an icon or photo). Instant Notifier also includes configurable message output, rules-based processing and optional audible alarms.

Instant Notifier delivers the ability to communicate business events or emergencies, as they occur, to the appropriate staff. For example, a manager can receive immediate alerts on their PC when a piece of equipment’s temperature is out of range. Furthermore, the corrective action log records provides an audit trail of the responses to an event, such as evacuation.

Available for both Windows-based computers, and for the Apple iPad®, iPhone® and iPod Touch®, Instant Notifier offers multiple options to keep operations and security staff fully informed on events that impact safety and operational efficiency.

Instant Notifier also works with the iSHIELD application to provide lone worker protection throughout hazardous or industrial areas.