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Scame S81-HS Panel

The S81-HS panel is commonly used in : 

  • Automatic fire extinguishing control systems, also in case of complex fire fighting installation sectioning, in conformity with the Construction Products Directive (CPD);
  • Integrated systems, including fire, intruder/burglar alarm, CCTV and technologic control functions;
  • Safety & Security systems, where panels operate, as master or slave units, on communication networks (of a fibre optic and fault tolerant type, too) and are connected to DCS through the protocol;
  • Fire protection systems with special voting and redundancy logics, also in accordance with the recommendations of the NFPA 72 standard;
  • Gas detection and measurement systems, ATEX-certifiable, capable of interfacing any 4-20 mA output toxic or explosive gas detectors. All of these functions can coexist, or be configured to meet specific customer requirements.


Scame S81-HS Panel

The S81-HS panel is intended for the protection, in complete safety, of high technologic and economic content plants and equipment. It is designed to meet the heaviest functional reliability and availability requirements, particularly of the companies that operate in the field of energy production and transformation, where it shows excellent resistance to electromagnetic disturbances. The S81-HS panel looks like a safety PLC but, differently from this, it is certified, by European laboratories, to perform the envisaged protection functions in compliance with the applicable regulations. The panel is composed of specialised cards, installed in 19” racks, whose type and quantity depends on specific application requirements, i.e. on the plant/equipment to be protected. The cards, which have their own “intelligence”, are programmed for active/passive fire protection, gas detection, intruder alarm and technologic control management.

Moreover, the S81-HS can interact with other panels of the same type, as well as with supervisory and SCADA systems, through both proprietary and standard protocols, such as Ethernet TCP/IP and Modbus.