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ATP specialises in fire and gas detection and suppression, security systems and RFID tracking.


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ATP owes its market-leading position to extensive research and development.

By developing safer, more efficient solutions we bridge the gap between existing problems and desired results. Our team of highly-skilled engineers have cultivated their international expertise to assist clients in developing solutions.

Research and development are just the start of our end-to-end process. We design, engineer, procure, test and commission solutions that simplify operations in the mining, oil, gas, energy industrial and defence industries.

Advanced Technology Products is vendor agnostic, which allows us to develop products where we perceive there to be a gap. Browse our developed product range below.

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PurgePoint has been designed, engineered and developed by Advanced Technology Products as a Manual Pipe Flushing Solution for Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) pipework to assist in the removal of built up contaminants.

For many years, companies have struggled to find a safe, effective and inexpensive way to conduct preventative maintenance requirements for the cleaning of ASD pipework, as per the current Australian Standard AS 1851.

PurgePoint is an industry first and offers a simple and safe solution for this otherwise complex service requirement.

Why PurgePoint?

PurgePoint is simply affixed to your existing or newly installed ASD system. The sealed, in-line design will ensure that an easy and retrofit installation is achieved without affecting the ASD setup and parameters.

PurgePoint has been designed with a fail-safe, interlock system to safeguard both the operator and the ASD detector when in operation. This unique interlock system also allows it to be managed, controlled and co-ordinated in accordance with site operational routines.

Key Features

  • Provides a safe user / operator solution
  • Reduces faults generated on ASD systems
  • Allows management to control the use of pneumatic operations and routines
  • An easy and low-cost installation
  • Reduces potential LTIs
  • Provides a safe method to completing maintenance activities as per AS

Uses and Applications

When PurgePoint is used regularly as part of routine maintenance, ASD systems benefit and become more reliable, especially where harsh environmental conditions cause contaminants to build up at a much quicker rate. This may include:

  • Recycling and Waste Facilities
  • Mining Operations
  • Industrial and Offshore Facilities
  • High Contaminant Environments
  • High Risk Assets
  • Remote Locations

Gorgon LNG Project

Two-stage Gorgon LNG Project for Fire & Gas Detection + Suppression Systems.

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