Recognising inherent challenges, ATP has curated a suite of systems designed to minimise hazards and maximise safety.

The petrochemical sector, by virtue of its very nature, houses elevated risks of fires and explosions, given the continuous handling and processing of volatile materials.

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

At the heart of pre-emptive fire safety, ATP’s fire detection systems comprise an intricate array of smoke, heat, and flame detectors. Beyond just detection, they’re integrated with manual pull stations for human intervention. Once a potential threat is identified, the system quickly activates alarms, alerting personnel and setting in motion predefined emergency response measures.

Foam Suppression Systems

Understanding the prevalent risks of flammable liquid fires in petrochemical setups, our foam suppression systems come into play. Designed to tackle fires involving substances like oil or gasoline, the foam acts as a barrier, cutting off the oxygen supply and halting fire propagation.

CO2 Suppression Systems

For areas where water or foam may prove harmful, ATP employs Carbon Dioxide (CO2) systems. These are particularly effective in enclosed spaces, electrical equipment rooms, and control rooms. Acting as a fire suppressant, CO2 dislodges oxygen, efficiently extinguishing the flames.

IIoT Integration

Petrochemical plants often span vast areas, making the task of personnel and asset tracking quite challenging. Leveraging IIoT, ATP offers solutions for personnel and asset tracking, ensuring real-time monitoring. Additionally, our hazardous area Wi-Fi systems and related products ensure seamless connectivity in potentially risky environments.

CCTV & Access Control

Security remains paramount, especially in environments as sensitive as petrochemical facilities. ATP’s cutting-edge CCTV and Access Control systems offer relentless surveillance, ensuring every corner of the facility remains under watch.

Room Integrity Testing (RIT)

To ensure that our suppression systems operate optimally, ATP conducts Room Integrity Testing. This ensures spaces are sealed appropriately, guaranteeing that suppressants like CO2 function as intended.


ATP stands out as a guardian of safety, assuring operations continue without disruption and threats are managed with utmost efficiency.


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