Meticulous review and reporting of all fire-related systems.   

ATP diligently examine and report on all fire-related systems for utmost compliance. Our audit process delves deep into fire system components to ascertain adherence to regulations, ensuring maximal protection against potential fire emergencies. 

This consists of: 

  • Maintenance record checks, including logbook evaluations. 
  • Comprehensive building inspections, even in seldom-used areas. 
  • Comprehensive AR-enhanced photographic reviews pinpointing areas of concern. 

The objective is to pinpoint gaps, validate systems against current codes, and present findings in a comprehensive report (sample provided) with actionable recommendations.

An audit will examine: 

  • Fire detection systems: Smoke detectors, heat detectors, flame detectors, and any other devices used to detect the presence of fire or smoke. 
  • Fire suppression systems: Sprinkler systems, fire hydrants, fire suppression systems (such as gaseous suppression or water mist systems), and their maintenance records. 
  • Fire extinguishers: Inspecting the type, location, installation, and condition of fire extinguishers throughout the building. 
  • Emergency lighting and signage: Assessing the adequacy and functionality of emergency lighting systems, exit signs, and evacuation routes. 
  • Fire alarm systems: Evaluating the performance and maintenance of fire alarm systems, including control panels, alarm devices, and fire alarm monitoring. 
  • Evacuation plans and procedures: Including emergency preparedness procedures and staff awareness and training programs. 
  • Fire safety documentation: Assessing the availability, accuracy, and completeness of fire safety records, maintenance logs, inspection reports, and occupancy permits. 


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