Address intrinsic risks and employ comprehensive solutions tailored for marine applications with ATP.

Marine environments, with their unique challenges, demand robust fire systems to guarantee the safety of crew members, passengers, and the vessels.

Fire Detection Systems

To enable early fire detection and a swift response, ATP has designed a complex array of fire detection systems. Integrated within these are smoke, heat, and flame detectors, all thoughtfully positioned throughout the vessel. Their primary purpose, is to detect potential threats swiftly and trigger an immediate alarm, ensuring the crew and passengers are promptly alerted.

Fire Suppression Systems

With varying types and sizes of vessels sailing the seas, a one-size-fits-all solution is impractical. ATP offers diverse fire suppression methodologies tailored for specific marine environments:

  • Water-Based Systems: These consist of interconnected systems harnessing the ship’s water source. Equipped with sprinklers, hoses, and hydrants, they can release water directly or as a mist, tailored to effectively combat fires.
  • Foam Systems: For fires involving flammable liquids, foam systems are crucial. ATP’s foam generators mix foam concentrate with water, producing a foam blanket to stifle and extinguishes the fire.
  • CO2 Systems: Recognising the need for fire suppression in enclosed areas, ATP’s CO2 systems come into play. By releasing high-pressure CO2 gas, they replace the oxygen in the area, effectively smothering the fire.
  • Dry Powder Systems: To tackle fires involving combustible materials, ATP equips vessels with dry powder systems. Strategically located powder extinguishers and hoses ensure immediate accessibility and response.

Fire Response Equipment

Beyond systemic measures, vessels are outfitted with a variety of fire response equipment. This includes an array of portable fire extinguishers (water, foam, CO2), fire blankets, axes, hose reels, and dry powder extinguishers, all positioned for quick access.

Fire Control Plan

Guiding all efforts is a meticulously crafted fire control plan. This roadmap provides clear instructions on fire prevention, detection and suppression systems, safety equipment placement, crew duties, emergency protocols, and evacuation strategies.

IIoT Integration

The vastness of marine environments necessitates efficient tracking solutions. ATP’s IIoT services facilitate real-time personnel and asset tracking, enhanced by hazardous area Wi-Fi systems and products, ensuring continuous connectivity even in the most challenging maritime settings.

CCTV & Access Control

ATP’s top-tier CCTV and Access Control systems are seamlessly integrated, assuring continuous surveillance and bolstering security measures on board.


In the complex world of marine safety, ATP stands as a leading partner, integrating advanced systems with traditional safety measures, all tailored to ensure the utmost protection at sea


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