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Critical oil and gas industry infrastructures are environments ripe for potential fire hazards, given the volatile nature of the materials involved. Advanced fire protection becomes not just important, but imperative. Here’s how ATP’s fire systems meet the unique demands of the Oil & Gas domain:

Fire Detection Systems

In an industry where milliseconds can make the difference between a manageable incident and a catastrophic event, prompt fire detection is paramount.

ATP’s sophisticated detection suite encompasses smoke, heat, and flame detectors, often enriched with video analytics.

These technologies, when combined, offer rapid detection of irregularities like sudden flame patterns or escalating heat levels, ensuring instant alerts, swift activation of suppression mechanisms, and real-time notifications to central monitoring stations or on-site personnel.

Fire Suppression Systems

• The diversity of operations in the Oil & Gas sector demands a multifaceted suppression approach:
• Water-Based Systems: Ranging from high-pressure water mist systems to deluge sprinklers, these mechanisms play a vital role, especially in offshore platforms where water is abundantly available. They act swiftly to control and reduce fire intensity.
• Foam Systems: Given the prevalence of flammable liquids in this sector, foam-based systems are indispensable. They discharge foam concentrates that form a barrier, suffocating the fire by denying it oxygen.
• Dry Chemical Systems: In scenarios involving flammable gases or electrical fires, dry chemical agents like ABC (ammonium phosphate) or BC (sodium bicarbonate) powders are deployed to quickly neutralise threats.
• Clean Agent Systems: For control rooms or areas with sensitive instrumentation, clean agents such as halocarbons or inert gases are preferred. They ensure fires are quenched without causing collateral damage to vital equipment.

CCTV & Access Control Systems

Given the strategic importance and sensitivity of Oil & Gas installations, comprehensive surveillance systems like CCTV and access control are integral.

These systems not only fortify security, deterring unauthorized access, but also complement fire safety mechanisms, offering visual insights during emergencies and facilitating informed decision-making.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The Oil & Gas industry is rapidly adopting IIoT technologies like personnel and asset tracking to boost operational efficiency and safety. With ATP’s hazardous area Wi-Fi systems, teams maintain seamless communication even in volatile environments. Our specialized products ensure reliable operation, reinforcing a commitment to safety and innovation.

ATP’s fire systems, tailor-made for this sector, ensure that these energy lifelines remain operational, secure, and safe.


Trusted by: Woodside, Inpex, Chevron, Santos, Exxon, and notable EPCs like Worley and Downer.


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