Its imperative correctional facilities are safeguarded from potential threats like fire. Here’s how ATP’s fire systems are intricately woven into the operations of these institutions:


Fire Detection Systems

Given the unique challenges posed by correctional environments, with confined spaces and limited evacuation routes, early fire detection becomes crucial. These systems, equipped with smoke, heat, and flame detectors, are often complemented by advanced video analytics. These technologies work in tandem to detect any smoke or flame patterns promptly, setting off alarms, triggering relevant suppression mechanisms, and notifying on-site personnel or central monitoring facilities.

Fire Suppression Systems

Understanding the nature of correctional facilities, a plethora of suppression agents are made available to combat fires:

  • Water-Based Systems: From sprinklers to water mist systems and cannons, these setups are designed to provide a steady deluge of water, curtailing the spread and intensity of fires.
  • Foam Systems: Effective against fires involving flammable liquids, foam systems release a concentrate that forms a barrier between the fuel and its oxygen source, effectively suppressing the fire.
  • Dry Chemical Systems: Tailored for fires caused by flammable liquids, gases, or electrical mishaps, these systems use agents like ABC (ammonium phosphate) or BC (sodium bicarbonate) powders to neutralize the threat swiftly.
  • Clean Agent Systems: In sections of the facility where sensitive data or equipment is stored, clean agents, such as halocarbons or inert gases, offer quick and damage-free fire suppression.

CCTV & Access Control Systems

Given the security requirements of correctional institutions, CCTV and access control systems are vital. Not only do they offer a heightened level of security, ensuring only authorised individuals gain entry, but they also play a pivotal role in monitoring and managing fire safety mechanisms, guaranteeing rapid action during emergencies.


Trusted by: The Department of Corrections


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