Installation & Supervision

Reliable installation by trusted subcontractors, for seamless operations.  

ATP assure system integration and professional installation through our network of expert subcontractors. A typical installation process will include: 

  • Detailed planning based on fire system design and specifications for precise location of devices such as smoke detectors, sprinkler heads, fire alarm control panels, notification devices, and fire suppression equipment, customised to site layout, accessibility, and local fire codes and regulation compliance
  • Ensuring precise electrical connections for detection and alarm systems. Installers ensure that all electrical connections are properly made, circuits are correctly wired, and control panels are connected to power and backup power sources, such as batteries or generators
  • Correct positioning and mounting of fire protection devices. Physically and professional install of fire protection devices according to the specified locations and mounting requirements.
  • Proper plumbing for fire suppression components. Installers connect and install the necessary pipes, valves, fittings, and pumps to allow the flow and distribution of fire suppressant agents, ensuring the integrity of the piping system and follow correct plumbing practices
  • Handover with comprehensive documentation and training. A record of the installed fire protection systems, including as-built drawings, equipment manuals, and maintenance guidelines, is provided as well as the provision of training to the users on the operation and maintenance of the systems. 


We further offer Installation Supervision to ensure adherence to design, including on-site supervision of contracted personnel. 


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