ATP is at the forefront of the mining industry, addressing a unique set of challenges across vast landscapes and intricate machinery, leveraging years of industry expertise to provide specialised solutions tailored to this sector’s distinct needs.


Fire Systems

Mining environments are notorious for their dusty and rugged conditions, settings which demand robust and efficient fire protection systems that can withstand such extreme conditions. At ATP, we specialise in implementing fire systems, particularly in non-process infrastructure buildings such as substations, accommodation structures, mining operations, and conveyor systems (LHD). Alongside these systems, we incorporate advanced graphics packages associated with the fire systems, ensuring that in the event of an incident, a rapid and effective response is initiated.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The dynamic nature of mining operations necessitates the constant tracking of both personnel and valuable assets. With our advanced IIoT solutions, we facilitate real-time personnel and asset tracking, providing mining operators with crucial insights and helping them optimise their workflow, ensuring personnel safety and asset protection.

CCTV & Access Control Systems

Security is paramount in the mining industry. ATP’s comprehensive CCTV and Access Control Systems provide an additional layer of safety and surveillance, ensuring that unauthorised personnel are kept at bay and that every movement within the mining premises is closely monitored.

Room Integrity Testing

To ascertain the effectiveness of gaseous fire suppression systems, Room Integrity Testing is indispensable. ATP offers this testing to ensure that rooms will hold the suppressant gas for a sufficient duration to quell fires, minimising potential damage to equipment and infrastructure.


Trusted By: BHP, FMG, Rio Tinto, and Citic Pacific Mining.


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