Comprehensive solutions for military precision, ensuring military personnel, equipment, and infrastructure are optimal and shielded from fire-related catastrophes.


Fire Detection Systems

In an environment where seconds matter, these systems are deployed to detect fires at the earliest sign of threat. Incorporating smoke detectors, heat detectors, and flame detectors, they often also include cutting-edge video analytics technology that can swiftly pinpoint smoke or flame patterns. Once a potential fire is detected, the systems are calibrated to sound alarms, activate appropriate suppression systems, and instantly alert on-site personnel or designated command centres.

Fire Suppression Systems

To bolster defence mechanisms, a diverse range of suppression agents and systems are brought into play:

  • Water-Based Systems: These include sprinkler systems, water mist systems, and water cannons. Each system is meticulously designed to control fires by dispensing a continuous flow of water, ensuring fires are quickly doused.
  • Foam Systems: Especially effective against fires fuelled by flammable liquids, foam-based suppression systems deploy foam concentrate either through fixed installations or portable units. The foam forms a protective blanket, efficiently cutting off the fuel from its oxygen source.
  • Dry Chemical Systems: These systems leverage dry chemical agents, such as the versatile ABC (ammonium phosphate) or the BC (sodium bicarbonate) powders. Their primary use is to counteract fires instigated by flammable liquids, gaseous substances, or electrical equipment.
  • Clean Agent Systems: In spaces housing sensitive equipment, where traditional suppression agents could potentially cause more harm, clean agents come into play. Comprising either halocarbons or inert gases, they offer rapid fire suppression without causing damage to equipment.

CCTV & Access Control Systems

Defence locations are inherently areas of high security, and this is complemented by the presence of state-of-the-art CCTV and access control systems. These systems not only offer an added layer of security against external threats but also assist in monitoring and controlling fire safety mechanisms, ensuring prompt response during emergencies.


ATP’s holistic solutions for the defence sector combine the latest in technology and innovation to create robust fire safety ecosystems.


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