Safety is the highest priority on hazardous sites like LNG rigs, resources processing and heavy industrial facilities. By protecting your invaluable workers and critical assets, you’ll go a long way towards realising optimum productivity.

There are many ways you can achieve this, from fire detection and suppression, to asset management, staff tracking, emergency evacuation, eMustering and environmental monitoring. Integrated to your unique needs, you’ll end up with a seamless solution that offers complete peace of mind. 

ATP – your single source knowledge bank

At ATP, we take a “solution” approach to all your hazardous site requirements. Armed with vast in-house experience and expertise, we get involved in your project from a pre-feed stage to advise on the best way to design and engineer your solution.

This saves you the hassle of appointing a team of fire engineers, who are not intimately linked with products (which you source elsewhere). At ATP, we have it all under one roof, meaning the same team you consult now is the same team who’ll design, manufacture, test and commission the entire solution.

And because everything is in-house, we’re your single source for tech support, problem solving, support and maintenance when your solution is eventually brought to life.

Anything but standard

When you partner with ATP for early consultation, you’ll set the wheels in motion for a system specifically engineered to suit your unique site and needs. Whatever the fire or explosion hazard, we understand what’s required to deliver seamless, practical, technologically advanced solutions.

Our expert engineering team is highly qualified to advise on everything from product suitability, through to comprehensive system design. Guided by an in-house project management team, we can make recommendations on how to deliver a full turnkey solution:

fire consultant

Consultation is just the beginning

ATP is purpose set up to provide hazardous sites with the complete end-to-end solution, from expert consultation to fire and gas detection, suppression, asset management, staff safety, emergency evacuation, eMustering and environmental monitoring.

For expert guidance throughout the entire process: 

  • Design & Specification. Consultants develop tailored fire protection designs based on factors like occupancy, size, potential hazards, and usage, suggesting suitable fire detection and suppression measures. 
  • Code Compliance. Ensuring designs comply with all local to international fire safety standards and building codes, consultants stay updated with regulatory changes for consistent compliance. 
  • Performance Analysis. Existing fire systems undergo evaluations for efficiency and areas of enhancement, scrutinising system performance and maintenance history. 
  • Risk Assessments. Detailed assessments pinpoint fire hazards, evaluate potential fire outcomes, and devise risk mitigation strategies, considering factors like building materials and emergency response planning. 
  • Technical & Tendering Guidance. Consultants produce technical specifications and tender documents to aid the procurement of fire protection systems, facilitating clients in obtaining competitive bids from reputable contractors.

Partner with us today and discover what we can do for your hazardous site.


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