Room Integrity Testing

Room Integrity Testing

An essential service for your fire protection, to identify and seal gas leaks.  ATP’s world-renowned fire suppression and Room Integrity Testing (RIT) services are your first line of defence. A gaseous fire suppression system works best in a nearly leak-proof room. If there are leaks, the fire suppression agent might escape before neutralising the fire. 

The Australian Standard AS1851-2005 mandates annual RIT for fire protection systems and equipment to ensure they function at peak performance. With RIT, using Australian Standards as a benchmark, you can swiftly detect if a room is gas-leak resistant and discover the best ways to seal it. 

 RIT is most beneficial: 

  • In older structures. 
  • When cable configurations change. 
  • After any construction, renovation, or maintenance activities. 

We guarantee compliance by employing the Infiltec blower door system paired with the VIKEX 2000 test program, our door system including a calibration plate, ensuring precise calibration during RIT, aligning with AS ISO 14520, ensuring results you can trust. 

We also offer post-installation checks and yearly testing, adhering to AS ISO 14520 standards. 

Our comprehensive RIT Service provides: 

  • Detailed reports post-testing. 
  • Testing available for both metropolitan and remote locations. 
  • If an enclosure fails the test, we provide smoke leak testing. 

Trust ATP for a holistic approach to fire protection, ensuring both safety and compliance. 


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