Icon depicting a magnifying glass searching for a document, representing fire safety equipment.


Meticulous review and reporting of all fire-related systems.    ATP diligently examine and repo...

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A white and black icon of a pencil and ruler, representing fire safety equipment.


Exceptional planning of detection, suppression, and evacuation measures.    Our fire systems de...

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A wrench and screwdriver icon representing fire safety equipment.

Installation & Supervision

Reliable installation by trusted subcontractors, for seamless operations.   ATP assure system in...

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An icon of a flying saucer with fire safety equipment.


Rigorous testing of every component to ensure flawless function.    End-to-end testing of all c...

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Fire safety equipment: fire extinguisher, smoke detector, fire alarm, fire blanket, emergency exit sign.

Support & Maintenance

Cutting-edge remote technology for reliable technical assistance.   Beyond the installatio...

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A man on a skateboard glides through the snow, surrounded by fire safety equipment.

Room Integrity Testing

Room Integrity Testing An essential service for your fire protection, to identify and seal gas leak...

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A man on a skateboard glides through the snow, surrounded by fire safety equipment.

Rental Equipment

Top-tier, industry specific tooling and equipment available for project hire.  Premium, industry-f...

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A man on a skateboard glides through the snow, surrounded by fire safety equipment.


Safety is the highest priority on hazardous sites like LNG rigs, resources processing and heavy indu...

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ATP Solutions work for the following


The word "INPEX" in purple on a white background. Image depicts fire safety equipment. UGL logo on white background, representing fire safety equipment. Chevron logo with red and blue chevron representing fire safety equipment. A powerful image showcasing "forseco - the new force in iron ore" with a focus on fire safety equipment. Santos logo with blue letters, representing fire safety equipment. Woodside Energy logo with fire safety equipment. BHP logo in orange and black, representing fire safety equipment. Rio Tinto logo on black background, showcasing the company's brand identity. Image includes fire safety equipment. Clough's new logo featuring fire safety equipment. Ten energy logo with fire safety equipment. Logo for Worley Energy and Chemicals Resources, featuring fire safety equipment for a secure and efficient operation. Public transport authority logo with fire safety equipment. A black background with a white clock on it, showcasing fire safety equipment.


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