Laser Technology Fire Detection in the Pilbara for the Primero Group

Laser Technology Fire Detection in the Pilbara for the Primero Group
An aerial view of an open pit mine with fire safety equipment in place to ensure worker protection.
Laser Technology Fire Detection in the Pilbara for the Primero Group
An aerial view of an open pit mine with fire safety equipment in place to ensure worker protection.

ATP was approached by the Primero Group to implement fire detection systems for an iron ore mine in the Pilbara. We worked with the Primero Group’s engineers throughout every step of the project – from designing the fire detection strategy to procuring the latest in open-area smoke detection equipment, then executing the solution and testing our systems for the ultimate safety of on-site staff.

Like any large mining operation, the client’s business has strict protocols to adhere to when it comes to ensuring the safety of their teams, and implementing state-of-the-art fire detection systems is a non-negotiable for OH&S. They required smoke detection systems for the built infrastructure including warehouses, heavy machinery workshop (with a height of 23m) and office buildings – that was reasonably straightforward. The real challenge was the environment. We had to ensure the fire detection system could withstand the incredibly dusty conditions of the region and minimise false alarms that would disrupt production.

ATP was selected by Primero Group through a referral from their staff member who had worked with us previously when they were at another company. Our dedication to diligent project management, transparency throughout our processes and commitment to innovation to provide our clients with the best outcomes gave them confidence in our abilities for optimal results on this job too. And, at the end of the day, price matters – ATP offers unrivalled experience and technical expertise, but we’re also committed to providing our solutions at a reasonable price for our clients.

Discovery and research backs ATP fire detection solution success

Fire detection solutions are our core delivery service, so we followed our usual protocols to ensure no stone was left unturned when it came to the research and design of this project’s solution. We also needed to consider the specific requirements to meet both the client and Primero Group’s specifications as well as all Australian safety and quality standards. And, we can’t reiterate enough the dusty conditions that required specific consideration for the success of the project.

We designed the fire detection system, general arrangements and layouts with schematic drawings and data sheets to meet all engineering deliverables. This planning then went through a process of review and approval with Primero before we moved into the procurement stage.

Utilising innovative technologies for optimum safety

Despite supply delays – specifically the production of microchips – due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we utilised our strong supplier relationships to source the required products on schedule for our client. From Xtralis, we sourced Open-air Smoke Imaging Detection (OSID) Beam Detectors which provide a reliable source of detection in open areas. This works by using imaging technology to shoot a beam from an imager to a receiver, [1] alerting when the beam is obscured by smoke. We sourced fire panels and alarm systems from AMPAC which were installed within their IP 66 enclosures to withstand the harsh environment. The monitoring tech and field devices were also enclosed to protect them from the elements.

We collaborated with Primero in the installation phase, with ATP supervising the installation of the equipment, and Primero installing the cables. Then, we moved into testing and commissioning the fire system for use.

End-to-end project management to fulfil project promises

There’s nothing we take more seriously than people and asset protection. That’s why ATP protects client interests and investments with a diligent project management process from project start to finish. It feeds into our technical expertise, transparency throughout your project and commitment to supplying innovative solutions to meet your objectives.

The success of this project in terms of timeline, deliverables met and innovative solution achieved gives both ATP and Primero confidence in our partnership for mine works projects. Now that we know we work well together, we look forward to many more projects with the Primero Group in the future.


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