Third Party Certification at Nickel Mine-to-Market Business

Recently, a Nickel mine-to-market business enlisted our third-party certification services for their Nickel West operation in Leinster, some 600km northeast of Perth in the eastern Goldfields region of Western Australia. High-grade nickel sulphide ore is mined from underground deposits and processed through large concentrators and dryers on-site. The operation is extensive and requires a number of safety systems and protocols to mitigate risk and ensure everyone goes home safely at the end of each shift.

The site had outsourced two different companies to design and install their fire detection, warning, control, and intercom systems. ATP Solutions was asked to come to the site and complete compliance checks on 16 individual systems. The desired outcome was our Third Party System Verification Certificate to meet Australian Standard 1670.1:2018.

To ensure our clients met this standard, we checked for compliance in design, installation, commissioning, configuration, components, and baseline data of their fire systems. Inspections were carried out using our Third Party Verification Punch List Report, with one for each system. This documentation identified any defects and outlined corrective actions to rectify any issues before certification was possible.

Defects were ranked by how hazardous they were. Critical defects required the client to correct them before they were signed off on the punch list. Non-critical defects were a recommendation to rectify in the near future but were not required to be completed before certification.

We pride ourselves on being a credible source, and as such, we provided the client with templates of the four certifications required – design, installation, commissioning certificate, and commissioning report. Once all 16 systems had been checked for compliance, the outcome was positive with each one achieving our Third Party System Verification Certificate.

As the Nickel mine-to-market business’ first choice for asset safety systems, ATP has been awarded the contract at another site. Work is scheduled to commence in November 2022 and this time, our seasoned experts are responsible for both the design and the third-party certification.

Extending our third-party certification services to the oil and gas industry, we are also currently completing compliance checks for Woodside Energy.

Compliance checks that ensure fire detection, warning, control, and intercom systems meet 1670.1:2018 are being pursued more frequently by FPA Australia, Australia’s peak industry body for fire safety. In the eastern states, it is mandatory to have a third-party certification. Previously, being witness to commissioning was not a formalised requirement, however, third-party certification can now be provided.

Our third-party certification services are relatively new to ATP Solutions but are growing in demand. We offer all-inclusive compliance checks to ensure your fire systems receive our Third Party System Verification Certificate. If the system design is not our own, then we are required to conduct a design review (or baseline data review) to ensure all drawings and documentation are confirmed for sufficiency, accuracy, and compliance.

To learn more about how to protect your people and assets, as well as our third-party certification services please call our trusted team on 08 9479 1266 or contact us here.


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