Downer Chichester Project – CCTV Remote Monitoring

Downer Chichester Project – CCTV Remote Monitoring
An iron ore mine at sunset with a large crane, surrounded by fire safety equipment.
Downer Chichester Project – CCTV Remote Monitoring
An iron ore mine at sunset with a large crane, surrounded by fire safety equipment.

ATP deliver on CCTV project for Greenfield site

Advanced Technology Products (ATP) have had a long standing relationship with Downer. They are one of the largest and most experienced providers of design, build and maintenance services to Australia’s renewable energy market. Historically, ATP has completed many fire related projects for Downer’s infrastructure and facilities, so it seemed a little unusual when we were approached to deliver a CCTV project for their Chichester Solar Farm site. But, with our extensive working history and industry knowledge, they knew that we had the right skills to help protect their assets.

The problem

The project required some CCTV remote monitoring for key access areas and critical pieces of equipment at four remote Greenfield sites. These were areas that could not be permanently manned, so a CCTV solution was required to give greater access and flexibility in the way that the site can be monitored.

The solution

The solution delivered by ATP involved supplying and installing 24 cameras across their four unique Greenfield site locations. The cameras were network linked so that they could be controlled from a centralised workstation. This enabled Downer to have one central control station that they could use to remotely monitor multiple sites.

Getting it right

The project commenced in August 2020, with the submission of designs for the new CCTV system. We took a great deal of time and care during the planning phase of the project to ensure the designs were both compliant and meeting the needs of the client. The team at ATP worked closely with Downer, reviewing their feedback and providing solutions until we reached the point of sign off. We wanted to make sure that they were 100% satisfied with the solution provided and confident that it would meet all of their requirements.

CCTV monitoring in the Pandemic world

The project then took a year to complete and was finalised in August 2021. The impacts of COVID-19 were challenging, with technical staff having to quarantine and lockdowns at different points along the way, the project timeline was understandably a little longer in duration.

While there was an existing need for CCTV monitoring prior to the pandemic, the advantages of having the system in place became obvious as the effects of the pandemic took hold. Travel to sites became increasingly challenging so the remotely controlled CCTV monitoring was a blessing for the client as they tackled new and changing work situations.

ATP was pleased to partner with Downer and provide our technical expertise and innovative solutions to better protect their valuable assets. There’s nothing we take more seriously than people and asset protection. ATP’s team of seasoned experts takes pride in making sure you are getting the right solution for your unique requirements. We look forward to continuing our work with Downer well into the future.


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