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ATP specialises in fire and gas detection and suppression, security systems and RFID tracking.


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Fire & Gas Detection

Whether you work on an onshore LNG rig, mine site or power generation facility, the risk to your invaluable workers and critical assets through fire and gas leaks makes your everyday working environment extremely hazardous.

At ATP Solutions, we’re here to ensure you can take early action before a threat has the chance to become a disaster – all in real time.

Your single source system supplier

Think of us as your trusted partner in creating a safe, productive working environment. More than simply a supplier of traditional detection equipment, ATP is at the forefront of fire + gas detection, acting as your single source system supplier.

Normally you’d have to source products from a manufacturer and contract independent engineers to design a system. At ATP, while we’re happy to supply boxed products, our vast in-house experience and expertise means we can design, engineer, manufacture, test and commission your entire solution, including Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) in our own facility.

The advantage of smart technology

It all starts by analysing your site’s unique setup – every layout is different, with different detection needs. ATP will work with you to determine your specific objectives, then assemble a dedicated project team to develop your detection solution.

This involved selecting the most suitable fire detection products for your site:

  • Smoke, flame, heat and gas detectors
  • Fire indicator panels
  • Control systems
  • Alarms, sirens, loudspeakers
  • Alert receivers
  • Associated software.

By staying up-to-date with all the latest detection technology and trends, we’re perfectly placed to create intelligent systems that give you complete peace of mind knowing they constantly perform at an optimal level.

We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality products from internationally approved and recognised brands that are either manufactured or assembled in Australia, UK, USA, Europe or Canada, such as Solberg, Ansul, Comtel, Extronics, Notifier, Thermac and FlameStop.

What’s more, all of our suppliers are evaluated within our ISO 9001 certification for complete peace of mind. And thanks to these long-term supplier relationships, we’re able to pass on cost savings, ensure availability and provide responsive support.

Fire detection is just the beginning

ATP is purpose set up to provide hazardous sites with the complete end-to-end solution, from expert consultation to fire and gas detection, suppression, asset management, staff safety, emergency evacuation, eMustering and environmental monitoring.

Partner with us today and discover what we can do for your hazardous site.

Gorgon LNG Project

Two-stage Gorgon LNG Project for Fire & Gas Detection + Suppression Systems.