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ATP specialises in fire and gas detection and suppression, security systems and RFID tracking.


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Fire & Gas Suppression

Hazardous work sites place your most important assets at risk – your workers and equipment. Through early detection of fire or gas leaks, you place yourself in prime position to take swift action before a threat has the chance to become a disaster.

At ATP Solutions, our fire and gas suppression systems are renowned for dependability. Talk to us and we’ll extinguish any concerns you may have and ensure your site is protected by the most advanced, modern solution. 

Your single source system supplier

At ATP, we’re set up to be your trusted partner in creating a safe, productive working environment. We don’t simply supply traditional suppression equipment – we’re your single source system supplier, capable of handling all your fire + gas suppression system needs.

While we’re more than happy to supply products in a box, our true value comes from drawing on our vast in-house experience and expertise to design, engineer, manufacture, test and commission the entire solution. 

Advanced fire and gas suppression technology

Our fire and gas suppression systems are proven in the field to cool fires and coat the fuel to prevent their contact with oxygen. By suppressing its potential to combust, we can stop a threat becoming a disaster at the earliest stage possible. This takes an integrated approach, combining tailored detection technology with advanced suppression systems.

ATP is driven by a desire to stay at the forefront of fire and gas suppression, continuously seeking out advanced foam extinguishing technology and products to meet ever-evolving industry needs around the world.

  • Pumps
  • Foam agents and monitors
  • Foam system distribution
  • Foam storage containers + tanks
  • Foam proportioning hardware
  • Dumping systems (e.g. sprinkler heads, nozzles)
  • Expansion generators
  • Mobile units

Proven brands you can trust

At ATP, we only use the highest quality suppression products from internationally approved and recognised brands like Solberg, Ansul, Comtel, Extronics, Notifier, Thermac and FlameStop. To ensure the best availability and support, the products must be either manufactured or assembled in Australia, UK, USA, Europe or Canada, sourced from suppliers evaluated within our ISO 9001 certification. 

Tailored foam suppression solutions

The basic foam suppression system is fairly straightforward. There are foam concentrate storage tanks, ready to dump foam immediately in the event a fire is detected. The distribution hardware and proportioning equipment controls how much foam is distributed (and where), sending the foam through the piping network onto the fire hazard through dumping systems like sprinklers.

However, it’s possible to have a number of solutions for your specific application. Let our project team work alongside you to pinpoint your objectives, then engineer a dedicated suppression system that ensures your hazardous site is the safest working environment possible. 

Fire and gas suppression is just the beginning

ATP is purpose set up to provide hazardous sites with the complete end-to-end solution, from expert consultation to fire and gas detection, suppression, asset management, staff safety, emergency evacuation, eMustering and environmental monitoring.

Partner with us today and discover what we can do for your hazardous site.

Kwinana Bulk Jetty Berth 3 & 4

ATP Solutions designed and supplied a fire suppression system.